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You are just a few weeks from finding a setup that will make your business grow the way you want. Strategy based on data from a market, modern well-designed sales process, metrics for AB testing and leadership skillset for people to make it happen. If you want to be the best, give your sales the best.

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With Great Product Comes Sales Responsibility

With Great Product Comes Sales Responsibility

Your product is the NEXT BIG THING!

Many companies and people (altogether - potential customers) need your solution. They won’t have it if you do not focus on sales at least the same way you did with your product. You won’t have a growing revenue if you do not find your own unique winning sales model. Fortunately there are ways how to find it within weeks. We will gladly be your guide on this discovery.

100% tested and continuously updated ways how to improve every aspect of your sales

Weak sales strategy

Sales strategy based on market data

No product market fit

Product value that customers understand

Marketing not supporting sales

Marketing supporting sales

Key reason why startups fail is due to misreading market demand — 42% of cases

Absence of a sales process

Complex sales process

Not using sales SW & Apps

Well-selected sales SW & Apps

Stagnant negotiation skills

Improving negotiation skills

75% of VC backed companies never return cash to investors.

Rookie sales leadership

Experienced sales leadership

Slow / Wrong sales hiring

Modern hiring methods

Slow / Late fundraising

Higher fundraising success-rate

52% sales managers say they don't have the time to develop and coach their sales teams

If you really mean your success, let’s get to work together.

No “smart” training sessions, no general instructions, no copied pdfs. We like hands-on approach and efficiency. You have only one budget and we want to give you the best for that.

Honestly, why would you reinvent the wheel and waste your financial runway? Let us join and become your “plug-in” for building / boosting / fixing your sales.

  • Strategy
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Sales Process
  • Negotation

Structured On-Demand Guidance

Spacetools Dashboard
  • Tools
  • Team
  • Leadership
  • Investors
  • Tailor-made content

Step-by-step guidance in well-arranged structure. Ask for tools adjustment, SW implementation or consultation any time.

Personalized and Ready-to-use Tools, Apps and Templates

Ready & Tailor Made Tools, Apps and TemplatesFiles

Tens of xls tools, calculators, doc, ppt templates, verified sales software and apps. All ready to use immediately. Ask us anytime to adjust, help with a setup and an implementation.

Team of Professionals with a Hands-on Approach

Team of Professionals with Hands-on Approach


Years of international sales experience


Sales negotiations ran within EU, USA & APEC


Closed business deals


CZK raised with our support

Some clients we helped our customers to win:

  • U.S. Air Force
  • Lamborghini
  • Heineken
  • BMW
  • NASA
  • CERN
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Maersk
  • PepsiCo

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  • Start with the most critical part of your sales - a SALES PROCESS. We will guide you through very specific steps that will IMMEDIATELLY IMPROVE your sales results
  • Step-by-step guidance through 15+ video lessons
  • Ready to use templates and calculators for designing your sales process (10+)
  • Typeforms that will help you choose the right steps and also test your improvement

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  • Complex step-by-step guidance to setup all key aspects for your sales department
  • 90+ lessons, 15+ hours of video guides
  • Includes templates, calculators, manuals, typeforms and tests
  • Online consultations, tools adjustment, sales software implementation support
  • Individual on-demand manuals

1290 € / One year access, 1 free consultation hours

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  • We take over the management of the project and do the whole setup of your sales infrastructure in 3 months.
  • You get access to the whole Spacetools Platform content
  • Individual on-demand manuals
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What our Clients Say:

What our Clients Say:

Selection of bullet-proof solutions we help to implement for our clients.

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