Our Story

After more than a decade spent building corporate sales departments from the ground up, Kristian's flagging interest suddenly flared up –⁠ there was this new startup world full of promise: innovative products and, most of all, genuine, intelligent people wanting to make an impact. Their only trait lacking? Sales.

The first startups Kristian helped were from all walks of life, from nano tech to food to a software normalizing therapy. That was in 2017, and, true to his no-half-assing-allowed nature he soon went all in. The next 3 years were all about building sales systems for startups at various speeds: from teaching and mentoring all the way to hands-on executive approach and global C-level leadership.

In 2021, he was sitting on a functioning model and a proven framework combining predefined templates with hands-on approach. This way, he could implement fast and see results. But much more than that, it's become an enjoyable and sustainable working model, even in the high-growth startup culture infamous for its high pressure.

People soon sensed it and joined in: niched professionals excelling in areas such as hiring, law, or expansion. We all came together, rooted in shared fascination about everything around tech and humanity, as well as similar work ethics: we thrive in getting the job done and moving onto the next thing on your list, rather than talking for hours and sending you a big fat check. With new tech startups under our wings, we are reaching higher than ever.

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