Charity Fund We Support

Charity Fund We Support


Kristian Gambiraza

The charity fund "Šance onkoláčkům" (a translation would be: "A chance for children with cancer") was founded on 17th December 2014 with an aim to help children with congenital defect , kids with severe illnesses, kids undergoing an oncological treatment and up to 2 years after it's end, both materially and financially.

The reason why we have chosen this area of support is because kids do not have a chance to choose their fate, they are vulnerable and dependant on their parents and closest environment. These children have to fight their hardest fight of life during times when other children enjoy their time in kindergarden with their friends.

The second important reason is the transparency, reliability and fully voluntary nature of this charity fund. It's founders, brave active mothers, run it concurrently with doing their daily jobs, fully on voluntary basis. And they make sure every financial or material donation goes directly into the right hands. Their energy and enthusiasm is amazing and they have helped to support hundreds of kids with their critical treatment and recovery.

We support czech charity fund since it is close to us and we want to give back to community we live in. For more information you can visit fund's Facebook Page or on their Official Website .

By subscribing to any of our Plans or using any of our Services you will support this charity fund and help these children to get back to normal life and enjoy their childhood. We dedicate 3% of our turnover. (you won't be charged anything extra).


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