Personality Tests - How to Work with Them + List of Best Tests

Personality Tests - How to Work with Them + List of Best Tests


Sandra Holcová

The Internet offers a range of personality tests. Have you ever tried them? And can you use them to change your life for the better in a completely significant way?



We're sharing the top tests that have helped us, that we've personally taken, and that can help you get ahead in life and business.

  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) 
    • Most well-known, one of the first tests that were available on-line. I call it a classics and it is great for someone who never took a test. Consider these first, general but interesting insights.
  • GALLUP CliftonStrengths
    • Similar to MBTI, a bit more specific. It shows you your top strengths. You may than realize where should you put most of your efforts to make the best out of your strengths. Also you may do something to fix your weaknesses if you like.
    • This test will give you two insights. One - what type of energy you are. Once you understand this concept you can focus your efforts on things that equal your energy type and delegate everything else to other people. You will also understand what energy types should those other people be. Second - you will realize what your real business and financial situation is and what is the very next step to imrpove it.
    • Very detailed, totally free, personality test. This will give you very specific metrics to think about. You will confirm some things you already know while probably be nicely / unpleasantly surprised with traits you were not so sure about. I personally recommend this as one of the best free personality tests.
    • Test made by Jordan B. Peterson, similar to Hexaco. It is paid but very cheap - about 10 USD. The report you will get is not only a specific metric as in Hexaco, but it has very detailed description of what exactly it means, what are typical behaviours etc. Very, very interesting self-discovery and for me personally the best test ever taken.
    • While you will get your positive traits, strengths and other things to focus on in your life, this test will uncover your negative part - you saboteurs. Fears and doubts that keep you from being calm and at peace. Reasons for your fears and nervousness. Once you know them you can fight them. This looked first as a negligible test while I eventually realized it can help me so much to get much calmer only by knowing what and why is going on.
    • This is obviously our test. Very short and simple, still usually eyes-opening and very accurately detecting where should your focus go right now in sales. Happy to help you with translating results into an action plan.




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