You Can Achieve Anything You Want

You Can Achieve Anything You Want


Sandra Holcová

❌ WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW? Maybe you get up in the morning, turn on Facebook or Tik Tok in bed, maybe you do this when you move to the toilet. Then you stuff yourself first thing in the fridge you see, get a coffee, and continue scrolling through the screen until you realize you've got somewhere to go. It's the same as if you want to RUN A RACE that you PREPARE FOR BY GETTING YOUR SNOWSHOES ON, WRAPPING THEM IN THE MUD, OVEREAT WITH THE DONUTS, AND THEN GOING TO "RACE" Cool! You'll definitely win ?

?OR YOU CAN spend the first hour of the day preparing your body and mind for the absolute BEST PERFORMANCE YOU ARE ABLE TO DO. That preparation is definitely more challenging than "stepping in the mud". But then you will run the race ENERGIZED, HONEST, and FULL of motivation. It will go great!

Thanks to the great Jan Hrabik of Sparring Partners, who increase the fitness and productivity of hundreds of employees in the Czech Republic, and Stepan Nemec for the compensatory exercises.

Are you up for it? Or do you already have a routine that works for you?

My morning routine has been fine-tuned by these great people or amazing articles and books:

YouTube channel by Jeff Cavalier (Athlean-X) , where I get inspiration for exercises and routines (

The website of Sparring Partners (, the country's best corporate fitness program management firm

The Book Mind Power by John Kehoe, which beautifully describes exercises that will set your mindset for success and satisfaction



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