CASE STUDY: Auglio - Building Sales Team

CASE STUDY: Auglio - Building Sales Team


We're going for coffee with my friend Vítek Endler, an Auglio investor. He introduces me to Ondrej, an equally passionate CEO as myself, asking if I'd consider joining forces with them for their sales. After a few online coffees, let’s get down to it. The product is excellent, the team is energetic and wild, things are moving, sometimes chaotic, sometimes lacking data – perfect ground for our work.

A meeting follows where we clarify our expectations for collaboration. Ondrej needed to set up sales processes in the company and specify performance indicators for the entire team. The main goal was to increase sales.


Let's do it

During our first joint meeting, we strategized step by step with the team, clarifying what we aim to achieve. The team needs proper motivation and clearly defined goals. It's crucial to work with specific data, automate processes, test, and progress.


The beginnings aren't easy

We had a few challenging weeks ahead of us. The team was not sure about the individual steps, there was a lack of data to work with and generate results.


Strengthening the team

A key step was changes in the sales team. Three employees left, positions were redistributed, and new experienced salespeople were hired to fill the gaps.


Co-management and Regular Meetings Followed

One of the areas we focused on was standardizing and professionalizing the creation of offers and overall client communication. We set up lead generation and the sales process, including structured communication. Systematic work is starting to pay off; deals over 10,000 EUR are being closed successfully.

Facelift of offers
The original presentation was average, lacking a sales structure. We revamped it to
grab attention at first sight, with the right flow from WHY, HOW, WHAT. Based on Value-Based Selling, clients now immediately understand the benefits. The new, improved presentation increased conversion and the ability to schedule meetings with clients.

The mood started to improve, and the salespeople woke up. Even though they had to work much harder than they were used to, it became enjoyable because they had direction, rules, tactics, and eventually started seeing results, earning handsome bonuses. The results are visible, and the motivation to be even more successful is significant.

Every week, we discussed dozens of specific deals and looked for ways to close them. The first successes were not long in coming!


Ups and Downs in the Sales Office

Every sales team occasionally has a bad mood, loses hope, and often just needs the right impulse to find the right path.

Daily patient communication with salespeople

Increasing sales efficiency

Firstly, we set rules, detailed KPIs derived from a specific sales model. We implemented a new CRM and introduced a clear structure for regular consultations.

At the beginning, meetings were chaotic, with everyone expressing subjective things like "this client still isn't answering my calls."

Today, each salesperson shares their Pipedrive on the advice, comments on reports, results, pipelines, plan fulfillment, and tactics prepared for the most important deals. We monitor and evaluate data. At the same time, we dedicate ourselves carefully, systematically, and continuously to lead generation development.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight the excellent work of the entire team. Everyone worked hard, and the results are worth it!



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